Monday, October 5, 2015

Producer Consumer Pattern

Producer Consumer Design Pattern is one of the mainly used design patterns. And I am pretty sure that, many who does not know that this is an example of a design pattern too have used it. This design pattern is mainly used to introduce decoupling between consuming something and the relevant producing procedure. In other words it implements an efficient and smooth data sharing between the producer of the data and the data consumer. This decoupling is mainly done maintaining a queue for the data items.

By using a queue even the producer and consumer have different rates of producing and consuming data, the data sharing floor will be smooth through the queue. Producer do not have to wait until the consumer finishes data item 1 to deliver data item 2. And producer do not have any overhead of managing the produced items even though there are many consumers as far as all the consumers are consuming the items in that same queue.

So this design pattern can be easily used to perform data sharing between the producer parties and consumer parties in order to achieve good synchronization among them.


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