Thursday, February 19, 2015

Changing font style in Tumblr posts

Tumblr is a simple and nice microblogging site. I wanted to use it for very short posts which I think are important. But when I started using Tumblr for this I felt that the font size of the posts are bit bigger. ( This may not be the case if you create posts with a considerable content. But it my case I mostly wanted to post few lines of posts, so the title of the posts looked bit bigger than expected)

I could not find a simple setting to change the font size of the post titles, but I could find a simple way  to do that by editing the html code.

1. Go to the home page of your Tumblr account and click on 'Customize' menu

2. In the left side panel, select 'Edit HTML'

3. Search for 'block:Posts' section in the html code. (use ctrl + f to get the search box )
Then you can see the 'block:Title' section in that. You can add the font style that you need for the title of the posts in that section.

4. You can use 'Update Preview' button and see how the new font style looks like.
Make the changes you need and hit 'Save' and you have what you need.