Saturday, July 17, 2010

Outlook exceeds the size limit?

I had to face a problem very frequently when I was using outlook. It was giving me a warning massage frequently saying that my inbox was full. Have u ever came across such a problem? Even only a very few mails are in my inbox it is still giving warnings. I got to know that this warning massage will be shown when the size of the inbox, outbox and the sent items exceeds the limit of the maximum size of the outlook. The solutions is so simple even this warning massage troubles us a lot :)
For the people who want to have an idea, I’ll give the steps to get rid of that problem.

• Select all the items in your inbox and send them to Archive folder. You can just select all the items in the inbox, Right click and select ‘archive folders’ there.
• Similarly you have to send all the mails in sent items, outbox and drafts to the archive folders.

Now your work is over. You won’t get that warning massage now. When you are getting in again, it is because again your outlook has exceeded the limit. You can follow the above steps again to clean your inbox. The size of the archive folder does not count for the maximum limit of outlook. So this simple steps will help you to solve your issue.
Rather than sending those mails to archive folder, you can send them to your own personal .pst file if you like. I’ll tell how to create your own .pst file for outlook in another post. :)

Until then good luck :)