Monday, February 3, 2014

Simple overview on the main roles in App Factory how they involve in application process.

With the multi tenanted App Factory there are some changes in user model in App Factory. I am going to give you and idea on the default roles and the main actions that those roles are responsible of doing in the application space in App Factory.

  • Creates a space for the organization in App Factory.
  • Can add organization level users and assign them roles
    Default roles would be Developer, DevOps, QA, Application Owner, CXO

Application Owner
  • Only the application owners can create applications.
  • After creating an application he can assign people ( that has been already added to the organization by the organization admin ) to his application. And those people become the members of the application and can play relevant roles ( developer, QA... ) assigned for them ( by admin ) for the created applications.

  • He will see all the applications of which he is a member of.
  • He can do git clone, push, trigger build, etc ( the work related for developing the application )

  • Will see the applications that he has is a member of.
  • Can perform the testing tasks. ( testing the deployed artifacts, report bugs... )


  • Can view dashboards.