Sunday, July 21, 2013

Get started with WSO2 App Factory

AppFactory is an elastic and self-service enterprise DevOps platform to mange applications from cradle to grave. This is a 100% free and open source solution developed by WSO2 which covers the whole lifecycle of an application. You will be facilitated by all the required resources for the application created in one go. Just use ones, you will see the difference :)

Getting started is very simple. It is all online running on cloud. But I will go through step by step, so you do not miss anything.

Create an account

Click the 'Register' link in App Factory live URL
You need to fill the following form to get registered.

Do not worry about the phone number field, just give some number there if you do not like to put the actual number.

If your registration is successful you will be asked to check your email.

Change the default password

Using the URL sent to your email address given at register time, log in to the system and change password.
(Remember, that log in URL can be used only ones and you need to change the default password in that log in)

Then we will change the default password with the one you gave

 Log in to AF

Use this link and log into the system using your new password. You will see the following page just after the log in.

But wait for few seconds, we are creating a default application for you :)

When you navigate to the application that just now got created, you will see the set of features and the functionalities that are bound with your application. 

I will discuss about how to manage the applications with App Factory in a recent post.