Monday, October 5, 2015

Importance of Design Patterns

Design Patterns is one of the most interesting topics in software development. They give well structured and standard solutions for solving common software implementation problems. To understand the design patterns, you should understand the problem that they solve. If you understand them, when you get some problem related to any of the design patterns you know, you can easily map the solution to your problem.

But if ‘Design Patterns’ is a new term for you even though you are doing good software implementation may be still you don’t have to worry. Because may be you are already using design patterns without knowing the correct terminology for those patterns. Still knowing them will help you a lot in improving your implementation as well as it will make it easy for others to quickly understand the functionalities of your implementation. And it will help a lot in smoothly communicating your solutions to the others. As an example if you say that you are using Factory method to solve problem X, others will just understand it without you explaining how you are doing it.

So Design patterns make your code handy, make it more readable and self explanative as well as will be helpful in smooth communication about your implementations.

Here are some commonly used design patterns

  • Producer Consumer    (Oh... You were using this right? That is why I added it first )
  • Singleton
  • Factory/Builder
  • Observer
  • Decorator
  • Command
  • Proxy
  • Strategy


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