Friday, October 26, 2012

Get started with WSO2 Stratos Live and deploy your first axis2 service.

WSO2 Stratos Live is a complete open source PaaS and Cloud Middleware Platform.
To get a space in Stratos what you need is only an internet connection :)
By following the below mentioned steps you can have a your own service up and running in Stratos Live.

  1. Register to Stratos Live
    Visit WSO2 Stratos site and click on 'Get Started Now For FREE' button to create an account and a domain for your tenant. You have to fill the registration form with the relevant information.

    The admin username and the domain name is used as the login username.
    The e-mail address you enter should be a valid one. A verification e-mail is send to that email address and you have to verify your email address by following the instructions in the mail.

  2. After the verification you can log in to the Stratos manager page using the username and password given when registering.

    Now you have logged in to your domain in Stratos Live.

  3. The services provided in Stratos for your tenant can be seen there. Click on Application Server to deploy an axis2 service in Application Server.

  4. In the 'Main' tab of the left menu you can see the service types that you can add. Click on Axis2 Service under Web Services → Add

  5. Upload your service archive by choosing the .aar file.
    ( You can read on how to create a simple axis2 service from this article )

  6. Now you have deployed your axis2 service in Straots Live. You can access it by 'List' under Web Services in left menu.

  7. Click on 'Try this service' and you can try the deployed service.

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